Telai avanzati (ENG)

Advanced frames


The additional "Advanced Frames" feature allows you to find cards and parting codes starting from the OEM code of a component or by making a manual selection by brand/model, without having a vehicle identifier (VIN or Targa).

OEM code of a component

By searching for an OEM code within the "Vehicles from OEM Codes" tab you can locate the vehicles that mount that piece and access its drawing card and content codes.

Then, without having a frame code, you can accurately identify the part and access the splits drawings in order to locate the accessory components of the piece.


Make/model selection

From the "OEM Code from Frame" tab you can access the drawings of the vehicle manufacturer (also called "splits" or "chips") by making a manual selection of the brand, model, engine or other specific categories.

Advanced frames are an additional feature, so they are not present within the 'Basic', 'Scout', 'Smart' or 'Complete' packages. To try out the feature in question, please contact us via the chat inside the portal or by phone.