The real revolution of Qricambi is the research on all the e-commerce sites of your suppliers.

Here’s a short demonstration video:
NB. The name of the ecommerce suppliers is obscured in the demo only

Quick research on your suppliers

Qricambi is the only software on the market that supports the research on more than 100 supplier’s e-commerce in aftermarket sector.
For each search result, Qricambi shows you:

  • Net price;

  • Real time availability;

  • The supplyer name and identification code;

  • Description and constructor of the spare part;

  • Link to ecommerce for more details and to finalize your purchase.

Compatible with public and private e-commerce

Qricambi is the only software on the market that can support the research on public ecommerce (such as Amazon or Ebay) and on private or limited-access suppliers.

Private accounts are managed according to the highest security standards and allow your Qricambi server to access the supplier’s site and read your own conditions that are reported like: price, availability, component costructor, description, etc.

Public accounts, such as Amazon, are useful for comparing your condition and still knowing the available conditions to the public.

Advanced search capabilities

Qricambi is designed to help the spareist at every stage:

  • Multicode search – when you are looking for a difficult part or need to search with different types of code, Qricambi allows you to search for more than one code at time;

  • Result filtering – When suppliers report a lot of results, you can apply some filter by textual way, builder, supplier and other parameters;

  • Temporary saving – useful for when you need to buy more than one spare part or when you don’t have time to finalize your purchase;