About Us

About us


Qricambi is the result of the work of a team of software and industry experts who have combined their experiences to simplify the difficult work of the research of the spare parts.

Our vision, summed up in the tagline "When looking for spare parts", is to help the professional
In all phases of the research. With our software we want to increase the speed and accuracy of the search to help our customers to:

  • Increase sales thanks to a real-time or otherwise much faster estimate;
  • Decrease the lack of sales thanks to the ability to probe the availability of many suppliers;
  • Improve profit margins with more competitive purchasing patterns.

Qricambi was formally born in May 2018 with the incorporation of the company Q Genius SRL But it is the result of a very long experimentation and research work of the 2 founders Alessandro Ligabò (Expert of startups, digital technologies and innovative business models) and Christian Gherardi (founder and owner of Di.Pa. Sport).

Although the idea of Qricambi was born as an internal instrument, Qricambi is now an independent, impartial reality towards the various distributors and with a strong culture of privacy of the data of our users who, in addition to the necessary legal guarantees that protect our Customers, led us to develop specific technologies to ensure the total privacy of personal data (such as logon credentials).

Qricambi is a fast growing reality and in January 2019 it already has over 170 companies, spare parts and distributors, who use our technology.

Our time is mainly dedicated to the development of new functionalities, to the maintenance of the software, to customer support and business development. 



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