The spare parts research is not limited to ecommerce only, but it can be done on your own warehouse and on suppliers that do not have a website. That’s why we created the ability to import Excel files into Qricambi and show any search result in the “Prices and Availability” section:

Lists is an additional function of Price and Availability useful to combine in a single search tool the world of online suppliers with the “offline” world:

Quick and easy import

The import flow is designed to be fast:

  • No changes to the original file are necessary: it fits any excel file with data presented in tabular format

  • Quick update with saved import settings

  • Each list has the customizable supplier name;

  • The importation takes a few seconds and the list can contain up to 200k products.

Advanced management

The function includes a management tool that allows you to enable, disable, delete and update lists, set an expiration date, and more.

After importing, when the list is active, the products will be found by each user of the company in the Price and Availability section. 

From the search results, with a single click you can download the imported file to better evaluate all the information available in the original file.

You can set an expiration date for each list to stop showing results after a certain date (e.g. temporary offers)