Qricambi Assistant

The Qricambi Assistant extension is a Qricambi add-on with a free and optional installation. The extension only works on supported browsers (Chrome and Firefox updated to the latest version) and is designed to improve the Qricambi user experience and speed up searches with an improved interaction between your current website and Qricambi.

Link to download Chrome extension

Link to download Mozilla Firefox extension


To install the extension just go to the Qricambi menu and select Qricambi Assistant. Once you click on it, a tab of Chrome Web Store or Firefox Extensions will open and, with a few clicks, you can finalize the installation.

Once installed, a symbol will appear in the extensions bar of your browser (top right).


Use cases and features

1. Smart favorites icon

Clicking the Qricambi Assistant icon (located in the extensions bar), you always open the Qricambi tab that is already open (without opening a new one) or open a new one if Qricambi is closed. 

2. Quick search from any site

In any website you can highlight and find in the right-click options the direct link to quickly search for the selected code/VIN/plate on Qricambi.

3. Quick search button on specific platforms

In some cross code or OE search web platforms, the extension generates a small button to quickly search for that code on Qricambi (when clicking the button, it opens a Qricambi tab and automatically starts the search).